Integrated Water Industry Expertise Supporting Innovation, Commercialization, and Operations

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Who We Are

Joe Zuback Water Technology Advisors

We are a global organization of experienced water technology development, commercialization, and plant and business operations professionals focused on problem solving, opportunity assessment, and strategy execution.

Advisor Services

Water Technology Advisory Services

Our Advisors provide expertise accumulated over decades of experience in the international water industry to solve technology development and commercialization problems, build new and improve existing organizations, and much more.

Project Services

Water Technology Management Services, Management Team

Our expert project teams of water industry experts help our clients solve complex problems, exploit new opportunities, execute market entry strategies, and create value via innovation.

Water…simple in its chemistry yet complex in its function, purification needs, distribution, and utilization. Rapid urbanization, changing demographics and climate conditions, and the global economic downturn are placing enormous stresses on global water resources that present new challenges and opportunities for water technology users, providers, and investors.
The dynamic $500 billion annual global water market embraces many types of technology, operations, and business scenarios but has a reputation for fragmentation and complexity.  Access to experience and expertise grounded in the history, habits, and interrelationships of the water industry is a critical success factor for any existing or new water technology operation or business initiative.

Global Water Advisors provides our clients easy and cost-efficient access to a broad spectrum of water industry expertise via our global team of highly experienced  Advisors and Partners and our extended global water industry expertise network.  Our decades of relevant experience and successful track records in the global water industry allow us to confidently offer expert specialty support via individual or Blue Team Review assessment and develop strategies to address opportunities, risk issues, and problems to be solved.   For more complex longer term scenarios, we can provide expertise under retainer agreements or via specialty project execution teams such as ONRAMP, with expertise selected to match specific needs under the direction of experienced project management to meet objectives within the schedule and under budget.