Blue Team Review


The Global Water Advisors Blue Team Review is  an independent analysis and assessment of complex water technology problems and opportunities by a comprehensive  team of seasoned water technology and business experts.

A Blue Team Review provides expertise necessary to address immediate and urgent needs with experienced water industry experts when necessary to:

–  Supplement experience and expertise needs within existing organizations and plant operations staffs
–  Lead or augment problem identification and solution development tasks
–  Facilitate “challenge and defend” reviews of existing and potential strategies and tactics
–  Provide timely access to extensive water industry management and problem solving expertise

Upon receipt of a request for a  Blue Team Review, Global Water Advisors first identifies and confirms availability of expertise and experience relevant to the problem or opportunity to be reviewed.  In consultation with the client GWA develops review objectives and a review plan to arrive at a preliminary scope which, following client approval, is used as the basis for a firm proposal for Blue Team Review services.

A Blue Team Review can range in complexity and time requirements from one or more “virtual” meetings  via videoconferencing to more extensive series of visits to client facilities for face-to-face meetings, plant operation inspections, etc.  A Blue Team Review can be  standalone or part of a multi-phase Global Water Advisors solution that includes staff training, interim management, and other tasks necessary to implement the recommendations of the Blue Team Review team.

Contact Global Water Advisors for a free assessment of how a Blue Team Review could help you solve especially challenging water technology problems,  assess strategies and tactics to exploit new water industry opportunities and minimize risk exposure, and  improve your existing business or plant operations.