Past Projects

The descriptions below illustrate typical services  from past Global Water Advisors projects.  Clients are not named to protect confidentiality of client activities and interests.  Client references can be provided upon request.

Multi-year technology and business development support to a venture capital funded start-up company for a disruptive desalination method.  GWA’s contribution included two new patents

Technology advisory services for management of water and wastewater associated with Oil and Gas production, especially from hydrofracturing of shale.  GWA co-developed an assessment of emerging solutions as part of a major research study of shale gas wastewater management strategies and technologies

Technical and commercialization advice to various municipal water and wastewater treatment technology developers and investors, including due diligence of potential water technology company acquisitions conducted for private equity investors
Organization and management of an expert team tasked to determine commercial viability of a new new advanced oxidation/disinfection material and conduct “force to fail” prototype program for as part of a comprehensive venture capital investment assessment


Development of market-scale design concepts for a new water clarification technology developed by an independent research organization.   GWA’s efforts resulted in two new application patents and broader license potential for the technology.
Technical and commercial support and market identification for developers of new adsorbents, catalysts, and resins used in a variety of water and wastewater treatment applications
Technology assessment and marketing strategy recommendations for a global water technology and operations provider, provided as a subcontractor to a European consulting firm.
Organized and managed an expert team tasked to identify best options to mitigate process bottlenecks for a regional waste-to-energy facility and to develop a more cost-effective simplified design for future projects

Evaluated commercial opportunities for the acquisition of a European water technology manufacturer and provided interim CEO management following acquisition

Classroom training seminars for researchers and solution developers  regarding water technology market behavior, competition, sales channels, and develop options to create value from internal inventions