Our Advisors

George Bajszar

George Bajszar is an independent consultant in the area of water, air and environmental microbiology and pathogen detection. He is an expert in biodetection and in molecular diagnostics as well as in developing and efficacy testing of disinfection procedures for water, air and solid surfaces. He received his Ph.D. in molecular biology from the Engelhardt Institute of Molecular Biology of the Russian Academy of Sciences and was Professor of Biotechnology and Associate Director of the Biotechnology Center at the University of Colorado, Director of Biotechnology R&D at MesoSystems Technology, Inc. and Principal Microbiologist at MIOX Corporation.

Delgado, Andrew Pic
Andrew Delgado is an industrial Water and Wastewater treatment professional with over 20 years of experience solving the toughest industrial water treatment problems in a variety of applications including: oil and gas produced water treatment, biofuels and alternative energy, oil refining, zero liquid discharge, recycle/re-use, food, dairy, and winery wastewater treatment, high-purity water production, waste-to-energy, and mining wastewater applications. He is President of a California -based systems integration and design-build company called Total Process Systems, Inc. He has a B.S. degree in Chemical Engineering from University of California San Diego.
Bob Elefritz is an independent water and wastewater technology consultant with over thirty years of experience as a municipal water and wastewater treatment plant process design engineer and new technology developer.  He is a past winner of the ACEC Grand National Award, named as an inventor for four wastewater treatment patents, and  is a licensed professional engineer in the state of Florida.
Stuart Engelsman is an independent consultant with over 30 years experience in Sales Management in the water and wastewater industry in North America. His specialty is corporate capital Sales Enhancements that would include sales channel partner integration, sales growth assessments, acquisition rationalizations and product market analysis. He has a Mechanical Engineering degree from Ryerson University.
Russ Forbess is an independent process consultant with over thirty-five years experience with high temperature and pressure processes primarily for oxidation and incineration of waste organic solids.  He is a co-inventor for several patents in his field and a registered professional engineer in the state of Wisconsin.
Andrea Gysin is a business development professional with in-depth knowledge of the water, waste and renewable energy markets in the UK and EU markets. She specializes in in technology-led innovation, including development and execution of technology commercialization strategies for over 50 new business start-ups, developing routes to the UK water market and securing investment and project collaborations with water utility, government and financial services clients. She also is the founder and Commercial Director for ECOGENR8 LIMITED, a UK-based business focused on development of renewable energy projects.
J Herschell
Judith Herschell is an independent consultant in the water/wastewater industry with  29 years of experience in water treatment systems and founder of Herschell Environmental  that provides technical and commercial services for the North American water treatment market. She is Vice Chair for AWWA’s Membrane Processes Committee, Chair of the 2014 AWWA/AMTA Membrane Conference and Exhibition, and a member of the Board of Directors for PW Absorbents and Arbsource. Previously, she was Vice President and officer of AECOM and Executive Vice President of Norit Americas and holds degrees in Mechanical Engineering, Biology and Psychology.
 Mark Laquidara is an independent municipal water and wastewater technology and plant operations consultant with over 30 years experience in the design and operation of wastewater treatment plant processes.  He previously served as National Wastewater Practice Leader for AECOM, and led technical support activities for Veolia Water’s contract operations (275 wastewater and 75 water treatment plants) in the NA as well as for the MWRA’s Deer Island Facility. He has a PhD in Environmental Engineering from Northeastern University and is licensed as a professional engineer and certified plant operator in Massachusetts.
Jim Laraway is an independent consultant specializing in technologies and business methods for treating water and other fluids to meet high purity water specifications.  He has over 40 years of experience in  business development and senior management roles including President and CEO responsibility for water technology and services businesses around the world, most recently for Water & Power Technologies Companies owned by Degremont Companies.  He has a B.S. from the School of Business and Technology from Oregon State University.
Jim Lauria - 2013

Jim Lauria is a senior executive in the water technology field with a proven track record of revenue growth, profit improvement and new business development. He has held senior level positions with Bilfinger/Johnson Screens, Amiad Water Systems and EP Minerals.  Jim lived in and traveled extensively throughout China visiting breweries, oil refineries, water treatment plants and other processing facilities to justify a $45 million investment in Chinese mining operations. In 2004, he provided peer review for the World Health Organization’s publication on drinking water treatment. Jim holds a Bachelor of Chemical Engineering degree from Manhattan College.

John Meidl is an independent industrial wastewater treatment process engineer with extensive experience with oil refining and petrochemical wastewater treatment system design and process troubleshooting especially in the use of activated carbon within biological treatment processes. He has provided process design and support, operator training treatment system management, and project management for systems ranging in size from 3,000 gpd to over 50 mgd.  He holds eight US wastewater and sludge treatment patents and has published numerous technical papers on wastewater treatment for the AIChE and Water Environment Foundation.  He holds a M.E. in Sanitary Engineering from the University of Wisconsin.
Bob Newton Image-Global Water Advisors Site
Bob Newton is an independent consultant with over 25 years in the water and wastewater sectors in municipal, industrial, and institutional/commercial verticals.  His past responsibilities include general management, strategic marketing, sales management, business development, project management, process engineering and R&D on a global basis across a broad spectrum of water, wastewater & water reuse treatment technologies and markets.  His past management responsibilities include VP Sales and Marketing for MIOX Corporation and Global Director Strategic Marketing and VP Municipal Services Development for Siemens Water Technologies.  He  holds a B.S. in Chemical Engineering from Drexel University.
Norcross pic
Ken Norcross is an independent consultant with 32 years of experience with waste water treatment design and operation, research and development for biological treatment processes, plant operation and troubleshooting, patent and intellectual property development, and technical sales support.  He has been a past executive level technology manager for JetTech Inc., US Filter, Veolia Water, PMC BioTec, and Western Water Corporation and currently is founder and President of SynergisTech, Inc.  He has a Masters of Science degree in Environmental Engineering from Vanderbilt University.
Novak,Brian (head)

Brian Novak has over 25 years of experience developing, managing, designing and constructing large-scale water and wastewater treatment, beneficial reuse and industrial projects, specializing in direct and indirect heat drying processes. Mr. Novak’s expertise includes training programs for operators and marketers of biosolids and heat drying systems. troubleshooting and process adaptation, performing system analysis, due diligence and new technology integration and implementation. Mr. Novak has also consulted internationally with local governments and private industry to develop and implement biosolids management programs,  worked with various R&D entities to study the efficacy of combining multiple organic waste products into a reusable product as well as heat recovery, CHP and alternative fuels.  He holds a B.S. degree in Electrical Engineering from Boston College and has held positions as a senior engineer and technical manager for several global water and wastewater technology companies.

Nitin Parekh is a seasoned executive with Fortune 500, high growth entrepreneurial companies and research institutes.  His thirty years of experience spans the water, renewable energy and semiconductor industries.  He has created and run business units within large corporations, driven business development at both global corporations and start-up companies, led the acquisition of public and private multi-million-dollar enterprises, along with raising Venture Capital funding and Venture investing.  He serves as a Venture Advisor to TEL VC, is a board member of Village Forward and has held executive positions with b2u Solar, Xerox PARC, NanoNexus, Texas Instruments and Philips.
Graeme Pearce

Graeme K Pearce is a membrane technology specialist with 30 years experience in the membrane industry.   His previous responsibilities have included product development and marketing of ultrafiltration and microfiltration membrane technologies for Hydranautics, BP Chemicals, and Kalsep where he was Technical Director from start-up through acquisition by a major chemical company.  In 2005 he started an independent consultancy, Membrane Consultancy Associates (MCA), that provides a broad range of consulting services in the field of membrane technology for liquid treatment.  He is  a graduate of Oxford University with a chemistry first degree and a chemical engineering doctorate.

Corporate head shots for UV Sciences / NeoTech Aqua.

Larry Pelegrin is an independent consultant with over 30 years  experience in the water industry, focusing on business growth from creative Sales & Marketing initiatives.  During his career he has had executive-level responsibilities for development  and management of global sales teams for NeoTech Aqua Solutions, Inc., Energy Recovery Inc. (ERI), Pump Engineering LLC (PEI), Hydranautics, USFIlter, and DuPont.  He is a member of the International Desalination Association, the American Membrane Technology Association-AMTA and holds a B.S. Degree in Mechanical Engineering from Christian Brothers University in Memphis, Tennessee.

Carlos Perea is an independent consultant with over 20 years experience with new and emerging company formation issues, capital and team formation, strategic partnership development,  and sales, marketing and business development planning. He served as President and Chief Executive Officer of MIOX from September 2005 until April 2012 and previously held several roles including President of Qynergy and Chief Financial Officer for Novalux and with Intel Corporation in a variety of operations management and marketing roles. Carlos holds a B.S. in mechanical engineering from the University of New Mexico and an M.B.A. from Stanford University Graduate School of Business.

Harry Simmon

Harry Simmon is an independent consultant in strategy, marketing, and organizational problem solving in the water and wastewater treatment industry. In his 40-year career he served as CEO of Stranco, manufacturer of the PolyBlend, one of only four products in the history of the industry to enjoy a market share greater than 50% for over 10 years. As a consultant he has developed and conducted Leadership and Management Workshops for over 220 executives and built four national sales organizations. His consultant services include executive conflict resolution, succession planning, acquisition evaluation, and a variety of projects related to sales and organizational problem solving.

DSC04115 (2)
Paul Sutton  is an independent consultant with 39 years of experience with process and system design, engineering of biological nutrient removal systems and anaerobic treatment systems, and development and commercialization of novel biological treatment systems.  He is recognized internationally for his efforts in the development and commercialization of advanced biological processes for treatment of industrial and municipal wastewater with experience as a researcher, consultant, and as a supplier of treatment solutions for contaminated waters and wastewaters.  He previously was Technical and General Manager at Dorr-Oliver in Stamford, CT and received a  Ph.D. degree in Chemical Engineering from  McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario
AT Pic
Anselmo Teixeira is an independent consultant in the water/wastewater global industry and Industrial/Municipal markets, with over 30 years of experience managing, turning around companies and doing hands on business in several countries, setting up new operations or partnerships, opening new markets, sourcing, business development (several large multi million dollars orders), M&A, innovation applied to product development and launches. He recently served as Sr. Vice President of Siemens Water Technologies (previously USFilter), responsible for the global Municipal wastewater business and also worked at Eimco Process Equipment as General Manager in Canada, in Brazil and as Global Industrial Market Director. He has BS in Industrial Engineering and in Mathematics.
Rob Wale
Robert Wale has over 30 years experience in the Water industry, held senior and executive positions with Memtec, USFilter, Veolia, Siemens and now provides consultancy services to major Australian and International companies for expansion of their business in Australian and Asia Pacific. He has provided technical and business development growth to numerous start up ventures, especially with comercialisation of membrane treatment in North America, Asia and Australia. His consultancy services focus on new technology commercialisation and development of new product business in municipal, industrial and Oil/Gas water treatment using conventional and advanced technologies.


Andrew Walker
Andrew Walker is an independent consultant specializing in international marketing strategy development for the water and energy industries serving private and public organisations that provide solutions and services vital to mankind with high-impact marketing strategy, content and marketing services.   His particular areas of focus include the water-energy nexus and corporate social responsibility.  He was formerly global communications director for Siemens Water Technologies and the International Water Association (IWA), and is the founder of  Blue Gold Marketing operating in Europe.
mwilf picture
Mark Wilf Ph.D. is a membrane technology expert with over 35 years of experience in the membrane industry.   His previous responsibilities have included development of membrane products, processes and system design for RO and membrane filtration applications. He served as Technical Director and Vice President of R&D at Hydranautics and Director of Membrane Technology at Tetra Tech, a global engineering firm. Since 2010 he works as independent consultant advising clients regarding new product development, membrane system design and operation and training water professionals on design and operation of membrane water treatment systems.  He is an editor of two handbooks on membrane technology applications and is named as inventor and co-inventor of numerous patents.
Orest Zacerkowny is an independent consultant with over 25 years of experience  with development of industrial water reuse and recovery programs and projects for Food and Beverage, Power, Refining, Mining, Chemical, Bio-Tech and Manufacturing applications with special focus on Zero Liquid Discharge and Membrane BioReactor solutions. He was previously Vice President of Sales and Marketing for the Metals and Manufacturing Industries at Siemens Water Technologies (formerly USFILTER) with responsibility for development and commercialization of many industrial membrane applications.  He has a degree in Commerce earned from the University of Ottawa.
Joe Zuback, president of Global Water Advisors, Inc.,  has over  thirty-five years of water industry experience as a technology and business developer for municipal, industrial, and commercial water technology applications and markets.  Prior to the creation of Global Water Advisors in 2009, he served as Chief Technology Officer and on the Executive Management Council for Siemens Water Technologies (previously USFilter).  He is a board member and vice-chair for the Water Environment Research Foundation and named as inventor or co-inventor for over thirty patents awarded or pending